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Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy Consulting for Increased Shareholder Value

The quickest route to increased shareholder value is accelerated growth. However, it isn’t always clear how to achieve it.

Winterberry Group’s robust growth strategy consulting offers the solution you need. Our strategic growth consultants have deep industry knowledge and extensive experience in advertising, marketing, data, technology and commerce, allowing our team to deliver results with unprecedented speed-to action.

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy Consulting With Unprecedented Speed-to-Insight and Action

As the only strategy consulting firm solely dedicated to advertising, marketing, data, technology and commerce, we’ve already done our homework. We are able to move directly to learning about the company and apply our industry knowledge and growth strategies to create value.

Winterberry Group isn’t like other growth strategy firms. Our unprecedented speed-to-action is made possible by:

  • Our ability to see what is actionable and identify what is likely to fail early in the process

  • Our proprietary industry models that clarify what is real compared to what is inaccurate

  • Our candid, outcome-focused delivery of results with clear, honest information

  • Our experience in working with hundreds of companies and understanding what models work and where challenges will arise

Our client engagements are supported by our decades of experience in difficult and constantly evolving industries which has led to a highly successful track record.


Discover more about what we do by reading about two of our successes:

Winterberry Group is proud to have completed over 700 successful client engagements and have provided support for dozens of private equity and strategic investors enabling over $15 billion in private equity transaction value.

Strategy Framework

Your Partner for Creating Value: Our Growth Strategy Framework

Winterberry Group’s growth strategy consulting services build the framework for accelerated growth.

  • Strategic Planning

    Organizational growth requires an understanding of where your business has been and defining where you want it to go. Our strategic planning services are based on long-term thinking and a holistic view of your organization and the objectives you want to achieve. We deliver a strategic plan for you to reach those goals.

  • Market Landscape & Demand Trend Research

    Winterberry Group’s market mapping and landscape analysis services help you understand the broader context in which your business operates for maximum impact. Market landscape and demand trend research are useful both for strategic planning and for breaking into or launching a product in a new market. These services involve identifying the key players in a field, sector or geography and classifying them by relevant characteristics.

  • Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking

    Comparing the performance of certain products or platforms to your competitors and/or benchmarking the performance of your product or platform over time offers a better understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Our competitive analysis and benchmarking services include both holistic comparisons — ranking competing products by overall usability metrics — as well as focused comparisons — comparing specific features or elements.

  • Voice-of-the-Customer Research

    B2B organizations always need to stay attuned to how their clients' needs are evolving, informing a critical view into their own performance and a glimpse ahead at how changing market needs are shaping their future opportunities. Our voice-of-the-customer research empowers clients with exactly these kinds of dynamic insights — backed by careful analysis of customer feedback and detailed recommendations on the steps your organization may consider taking to optimize your capabilities, delivery and product investments to meet tomorrow's needs.

  • Addressable Market Analysis & Sizing

    Prior to launching a new product, it’s crucial to understand the potential market. Our addressable market analysis and sizing service identifies the overall revenue opportunity for a given set of products or services. We estimate the size of a particular market and provide guardrails for your go-to-market strategies.

  • Buy, Build & Partner Assessment

    When a company decides to expand, it has three options: It can buy (acquire) another business, build (innovate) new products and services, or partner with another company to expand its offerings. Our buy, build and partner assessment helps you decide which path will bring you the most value.